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The overall Omega De Ville Ladymatic Replica image and heft of the watch is that it is a substantial piece. With a basic case diameter of 38mm (not including the crown, crown protectors, and lugs), the watch itself is sized fairly normal by today's standards, but lugs and crown protectors add a lot of bulk to the appearance of the watch. Furthermore, this watch is somewhat thicker than usual for a simple calendar with a movement height of 4.05mm: the watch itself measures 9mm (in comparison, it is about 12% thicker than the regular Omega DeVille automatic using a similar movement). These dimensions yield a total watch weight of about 80g including clasp and strap. The initial impressions upon seeing it in person was that this was a truly stunning piece, with a high polish everywhere. All of the elements of the dial, case, crown, and strap are complementary and in balance.

Inside the beautifully engraved (but solid, alas) back of the watch is an Omega Caliber 2500. This appears to be a development of the Omega De Ville Prestige Replica with the addition of the De Ville Co-Axial Replica escapement and Free Sprung balance. The Omega 1120 itself is a modification of the ETA 2892A2 – modified with a unique autowinding bridge to yield a smaller ball-bearing rotor hub. The Daniels De Ville Replica escapement is touted as the first practical advancement in escapement design since the design of the lever (or anchor) escapement by Thomas Mudge in the 1700s, and was designed to overcome some of the weakness inherent in the lever escapement. Specifically, the traditional lever escapement uses each pallet jewel to both lock the escapement AND transmit force from the wheel train to the balance (to keep the balance going). Part of its design is that the "impulse surface" of the jewel must slide along the escapement tooth to transmit the force, as illustrated in the picture to the left. The issue here is that the the sliding surfaces must be lubricated sufficiently to allow this to take place smoothly. As oil ages and becomes more viscous, the ability of the force to be transmitted efficiently is reduced, which leads to lower balance amplitudes and poorer performance.

Since there is much less sliding going on during the force transfer, there is a reduced dependence on the quality of lubrication on the force transmitting surfaces of the escapement. This (in theory) leads to extended service intervals without adverse effect on the amplitude of the balance. Another nice feature of the De Ville Hour Vision Replica escapement is the reduction of the lift angle – or the angle through which the lever must turn during unlocking and force transference. This is reduced from about 50 degrees for a traditional escapement to about 30 degrees. The benefit of this is that the system will behave more linearly, as the impulses will be received when the balance is closer to the "neutral" or zero phase position. The more linear the system operates, the better the isochronism, or consistency of rate regardless of state of wind.

Since acquisition in November, the daily rate of the Omega De Ville watch has been truly outstanding. The overall rate appears to be slightly slow when kept partially wound on a winder (less than 1 second per day), but runs slightly fast when worn on my wrist (your mileage may vary, of course).

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