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Because this replica watch isn't actually a replica of the Omega Speedmaster "Broad Arrow", but almost exact copy of the older model Speedmaster with "BA hands", which is shown in the next picture (the right one). If you neglet the different subdial spacing, the only visual difference is the Speedmaster logo and the missing text "automatic" on the dial. I also own one of the most desired and expensive replica watches, completely modded MBW Red Sub, but I still consider this replica watch as the "King of the Hill" of my rep collection. Definitely the best 250 Euros I have ever invested.This is half-fantasy replica watch and if you accept the fact you'll get a gorgeous Omega Speedmaster Ladies replica watch in its own merits you'll be very happy with it.

It might sound pretty laughable since it's just a replica, but I'm pretty sure this particular model isn't easily available anymore and if I had to choose just one rep to keep, I would choose this replica watch without hesitation. I have made 2 small pictorials of this replica watch but they were basically just eyecandy. People liked my full reviews of the PO 3rd generation and GMT Master II so why not become "the Poor Man's dlgates" again and make one of the Speedy as well? Regulars have seen the pics in this review in the wrist check threads many times, but I managed to shoot a few new ones too. The dial and hands seem to be a little different as well.Actually, this particular replica IS still available (kinda), but the new rep versions come with different 9'o'clock subdial and flat sapphire crystal. Here's BlueFin's pictorial of his new version. The appearance is quite a bit different from mine. When I came to these forums I loved the pictorial reviews by Dave Gates. Gates' one but I enjoyed his reviews very much. My compact rep collection is laughably small compared to Mr. I have read every single one of them. Scratches are very handsome and only add character to sports Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch replica watches but this is the only one of my replica watches that's still in 99% new condition. Since then it has been a special "connoisseur piece" for me. Actually, it was just a friendly effort by a fellow member to get it for me from EU and avoid possible customs hassle. I find it too precious to wear as a daily beater.I bought this replica watch 8 months ago, from a fellow RWG / TRC member in brand new state.

If you have never owned a Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow replica watch with raised/domed acrylic crystal you probably don't have an idea what I'm talking about. The light reflects differently from it and it somehow gives the dial different, "pure" appearance. Yes, it might get some scratches in the long run but those are always easy to buff out.Second: It has an acrylic mineral crystal a'la genuine Omega Moon Watch replica. The stopwatch big seconds hand is a bit jerky (as you can read from Ziggy's review) but the chrono has been working without any kind of problems for me.If you service the movement you should be ok with it.If you specificially want an accurate BA replica I recommend the Broad Arrow with Asian 7750 movement which has the datewheel placed at 6'o'clock. My SMP clasp & mushroom were broken almost immediately but thankfully I managed to fix the clasp myself back then. This clasp doesn't seem to suffer from the same quality problems than "Bond" SMP replicas. It has brushed finish with those polished "stripes". The clasp is shorter than in my PO but it has those typical Omega pusher buttons and it opens and closes easily.The bracelet is heavy, solid and very good copy of the real thing.

On the left you'll see a Broad Arrow Moon Base which is quite similar to my Omega Speedmaster Racing replica watch, except it has the moon base feature and different dial text (and lighter blue hands and markers). Both of these replica watches come without date function. There are also more different variations of the "Broad Arrow" theme in the Speedmaster (and even Seamaster chronograph) line, so if you're afraid that someone might "call you out" because of the lack of datewheel I think it's very fat chance. Broad Arrow isn't even largerly recognizable model like say, Rolex Submariner, "Bond" SMP or Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch replica. Mine has been very accurate and good, and the power reserve of full winded replica watch is something between 30 and 48 hours.Venus no-date hand wind movement seems to be quite reliable and robust movement since I haven't seen many RWG/TRC members reporting any kind of problems with it.In case you have guts to attempt this yourself, Ajoesmith wrote an excellent tutorial how to "kill" the 6'o'clock subdial hand.Although this is my favourite replica it's also the "least accurate" of them all. The whole hand has been "completely killed" on my replica watch, by a fellow replica watch guy. In genuine Speedys this hand should be centered and pointing at 12'o'clock when the chrono is resetted. But then again I'm sure most people wouldn't give a rat's ass. I killed it because the "wrong" subdial bugged me.The default function of the 6'o'clock sub register is just a small hour hand.

It's a hand wind Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA replica watch which is kinda special and exotic for me. Old days, walking sticks and hats come to mind. Good times, times before Darth Vader and his Emperor. Times before digital and quartz watches replica. The Venus movement is decorated nicely and it gives this replica watch very substantial feel. When you show people the moving rotors, crown wheels and the excellent details they're all "oohs" and "aahs" around it. Yes, really. Needless to say average Joe could never even imagine having something like this on a fake watch. Of course the movement doesn't look like the genuine Lemania movement that's used in Speedmaster but how many WIS Omega people you think you'll run into? And even if you do, so what? The guy who killed my 6'o'clock sub register hand works in a Omega AD replica watch store. :laugh: And I can tell you he was stunned to see this .Another extremely attractive feature is the gorgeous transparent glass caseback.

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