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Replica Omega Aqua Terra never really appealed to me until I saw the AT, initially I was set on a blue dial in 41.5mm but its not out as yet, but on viewing both watches at an AD the grey appealed more (my first watch was a grey on grey Seiko perpetual cal). Size wise the 41.5 does wear larger than expected without a bezel and surprisingly the 39 actually looked nice as I have been more accustom to large breitlings in the past.This is my first omega after having several Breitlings started with a Steelfish then a Bentley 6.75 then a navi 01 LE (should never have sold that) then a superocean chrono (the old version). But ended up with the grey 41.5, initial impressions were very good the dial is stunning and the "teak" finish really adds to the finish especially with the raised hour markers and white gold hands.

The bracelet is fully brushed and the butterfly clasp is very comfortable and it comes with several half links, the links are screwed in with 2 small screws on either side and a metal bar running between the link.The dial is simply stunning and very legible. The crystal has AR coating on both the inside and outside and it works very well. The lume is very good on this watch but has 2 slights issues which I will come to later.The case is a mixture of brushed and polished steel and works very well and I especially like the shape of the lugs. The case back is sapphire crystal and shows off the 8500 movement.

This is very handy if you travel a lot and makes changing the time very quick without stopping the watch, and the date is changed in the same way just jumping the hour hand forward 24 hours, not had to do this on a short month as yet but cant see it being a problem.Another appealing thing about the watch is the 8500 movement being in-house and not needing to be serviced for approx 8 years and with an approx cost of £250 for a service, which is different from other inhouse movements which tend to have much shorter service lengths and cost considerably more.

The Omega Aqua Terra Chrono Replica watch is currently running 1.5secs slow per day and will keep monitoring it to see if this changes. The watch also has an impressive 60 hour power reserve. Another interesting feature is the way the date is changed and you can "jump" the hour hand back and forward in increments of 1 hour whilst leaving the watch running so the minute hand does not move. Replica Omega Aqua Terra Chronometer have made a few mistakes with this watch, first is the hour and minute hand I know omega dive watches tend to have an arrow head but on the AT only the min hand does and the hour does not, it would have been much nicer is neither had it tbh as it takes away from the clean lines of the watch. I've said this before but I can see myself keeping this for a long time as it works well dressed up or casual has a decent WR rating (150m) so ticks all the boxes.

Another problem with the min hand is the lack of any lume on the stalk and at night the min and second hand can look very similar if just glancing down at the watch in the dark (shown in the lume pic), no idea why the entire stalk is not lumed. Only 2 minor gripes with a great Omega Aqua Terra GMT Replica watch. Having worn the watch for 2 weeks, a week of which was in Poland and 35+ every day the watch is very comfortable much more than any of my previous breitlings and sits very well on my wrist.

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