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Replica Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA Watches

Hight Quality Omega Speedmaster HB-SIA Watch Replica

I mentioned this before and am going to reiterate my feeling about this, but the reason that Omega named the replica watch after the plane is for branding purposes. It has two electric prop engines that only produce about 10hp. The plane is pretty cool because it is totally solar powered. The idea is to have a plane that can fly all day and all night (based on power collected during the day from the solar panels and stored in the batteries). To recognize the HB-SIA plane, the replica Omega watch is named after it.Let's get the whole HB-SIA part of the name out of the way. There are so many Omega Speedmaster Replica watches, it was a good idea to associate something with the replica watch for naming purposes. The engines are powered by lithium ion batteries that are charged by the many solar panels all over the plane's surfaces (mostly the wing). The plane can even store enough juice to run at night. It is more than a mere glider too. It refers to a plane currently finishing development that has been partially sponsored by Omega.

Other than the X-33, Omega has used titanium in some Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Replica watches, but not much else. The Solar Impulse is 44.25mm wide. A light and hard metal, but more prone to scratches that steel. It seems to be the haute metal for many replica watch makers these days.To my knowledge, this is the first Omega Speedmaster watch replica to be made from titanium. The replica watch is also a bit larger than the classic Speedmaster. The replica watch is also water resistant to 100 meters. The dial of the replica watch is made of carbon fiber - also very unusual for Omega, but it looks to be done in a subtle enough manner. So that is good. Both the case and bracelet are titanium in this case.

In addition to updated look and carbon fiber dial, the Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica watch also features a date (on a black date disc) as well as a 24 hour GMT hand that is independently adjustable. The sapphire crystal is AR coated on both sides. The font of the numerals is "futurized" a bit, and the result is nice.The dial is similar to the classic Speedmaster layout. Makes it feel more at home in modern aircraft. I really like how the GMT hand is done. Omega makes it easy not to confuse the hand by labeling it as such. There is also the orange color trim on the dial and tachymetre scale that adds a little reminder that this is not your average garden variety Omega Speedmaster watch replica. It might sound silly, but I like how the GMT hand looks - a good concept.

" Yes, it is true that my sentiment defeats the point of the "Moon Watch replica heritage," but I didn't really want to have a manually wound watch replica with a Hesalite (plastic) crystal to deal with. This is probably my favorite. I've often looked at the classic Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch replica and thought, "yes it is cool, but I'd really like a modern version. My collection might very well include a Moon Watch replica in the future, but it would be for historic kicks, not cause I'd want to wear it each day. Omega has released a ton of replica Speedmaster watches over the years with sapphire crystals and automatic movements, but this new replica watch just really catches my eye.This is a replica watch that I could really see myself wanting - even though it has a carbon fiber dial that I tend to not always enjoy (though I did like it on my Tissot T-Touch Expert). Yes, this has been a month of many replica Omega watches, but they have had some interesting releases so they merit the attention.

All these qualities together make for a very nice Omega that should really get you excited whether you are a Speedmaster fan or an idle viewer of Omega watches replica. The Omega Speedmaster Ladies Replica movement is also a COSC certified Chronometer with 55 hours of power reserve. It is an automatic, of course has Omega's Co-Axial escapement, and also has a column wheel based chronograph complication. Like I said before, there is also the date and the independently adjustable GMT hand.The movement is the Omega Caliber 3603, that has a nice list of qualities.

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